2015 Individual Renewal Process - EVERY. SINGLE. POLICY!
(Posted on 10/03/14)
Every single individual policy with a 2014 effective date renews on 1/1/2015. Let me say that again...EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL POLICY IN THE STATE WILL GET NEW RATES ON 1/1/2015!

On-exchange policies? Yes!
Off-exchange Policies? Yes!
Subsidized policies? Yes!

So, this means that if you are selling someone an individual policy effective 11/1/2014 because that person experiences a Special Enrollment Period, that rate is only good for 60 days. That individual will then renew into a 2015 product and have the opportunity to make changes during open enrollment.

AmeriHealth has already announced some plans that will be withdrawn from their 2015 product portfolio and those plans are also no longer available for sale in 2014. Below is a link to the list of products that have been withdrawn.

Once we have the 2015 products, prices and mapping strategies from all of the carriers, you can explain to your new and existing customers what they can expect in 2015 and how they can submit changes during open enrollment.

We are planning a flurry of webinars and seminars to roll-out the new products, prices and processes for 2015.