Stop Loss Bill - Call to Action
(Posted on 01/08/20)
As you may know, the NJ state legislature is considering an amended version of the stop loss bill that will allow groups to continue to purchase self-insured health plans, but those plans will include added protections to guard against aggressive rate action if the health of the group changes. We believe strongly that without the protections this bill provides, the fate of the small group market is in peril. If you agree that this is a good compromise to maintain choice in the market while also leveling the playing field slightly, and including important consumer protections, please take a few minutes to call your senator and assembly-person to let them know your thoughts.

I know this is a busy time of year, but I think it is worth the time to make the call because of the impact this bill can have on our marketplace.

Below are links to find the contact information for your representatives. Please call our office for any questions about the pending legislation or how to contact your representatives.

- Stephanie Colonna-Romano