Founded by Tracy J. Martin in 1983, Martin is one of New Jersey’s leading independent insurance firms.

Okay, while a statement like that really impresses our friends and family, we know it’ll take more than that to impress a broker.

So how about this? At Martin, we believe in high tech and high touch. That means utilizing today’s latest technology to build a broker portal that provides the transparency, insight, and everything else brokers need to manage a book of business quickly and easily — from any computer or mobile device. It means being ready online, on the phone, or in person to answer questions and provide guidance for any situation they may encounter. It means offering our full support throughout the sales process. And providing ongoing education and training to make sure they’re always on top of the latest trends. But most importantly, it means taking the relationship we have with our brokers beyond just a handshake and instead use every piece of technology and every personal interaction to make them more knowledgeable and more successful. It’s what we call using technology in the service of service. And it’s what brokers experience with Martin every day.